Samseong-dong I-PARK


This plan aimed for the creation of urban oasis that concurrently has the urban convenience and natural plentifulness, in other words, the harmony of 3 elements such as humans, nature, and city. The residentiality and territoriality of the complex were secured and pastoral environment was promoted using the proper difference in land level and mnatural elements such as forest, wood, and water, etc. The river coming from the upper region of Han River could be viewed by the residents from main space of each household, such as living room, main bed room, and dining room, and the two natural elements such as view and right to sunshine were concurrently fulfilled by each household by placing the axis of each building at the southeastern and southwestern directions. With the Nature: High Quality Living with the Nature, Health: High Living with Vitality and Liveliness, and Life: High Society with Convenience and Friendliness as its basic concept of landscaping plan of the complex, a residential complex was created where you can always experience the five senses of nature through the four seasons, and for elevation plan, the creation of HIGH-TECH apperance as well as the dynamic beauty suitable for the image of 21C future type urban residence were pursued.