The War Memorial of KOREA

Commercial Facility

War Memorial was planned to develop and collect the tangible and intangible materials related to self-defense war of Korean people and to prepare the exhibition space to preserve them permanently. Considering that the memorial is surrounded by natural green, a premise was made to make the entire land comfortable city park harmonized with natural scenery so that the memorial can be a park memorial. The South-North axis at the center of the land was created as major memorial space and outdoor exhibition was placed at the quiet eastern part with beautiful scenery, making it a memorial place by placing corridors at both sides of entrance space and the memorial. To expressively show the symbolism and monumentality of a war memorial, the piety and grandeur of the memorial were produced by placing each direction so that it can be bilaterally symmetrical against the central axis while still possessing the frontality. By adopting the horizontal stylobate, a component of tarditional architecture, the stability and intimateness were produced by relieving the sense of weight of great mass of main hall. This plan was selected as the first prize plan in the open contest in October 1989.