High One Resort & Condominium

Gross Floor Area
Cultural & Exhibition

High 1 condo expansion project is carried out for two areas of Mountain area and Valley area. Both of the two sites are adjacent to a ski resort. They command a view of natural beauty as they are located on high mountains. Especially, the extended condo is located on a steep hillside adjacent to a slope. According to a prior survey, Mountain area is more used for family ski, while Valley area is more popular with young skiers. Accordingly, Kangwonland demands large-sized condos for Mountain area, and it demands small and mid-sized condos for Valley area. Speaking of the concept, as Mountain area is located at an elevation of 900 meters above sea level, family can enjoy a panoramic view of natural beauty. So it has been set as “Mountain the Vista”. Valley area has been set as “Valley the Festa” that is suggestive of the festival and vitality of youths.