Metapolis, Hwaseong Dongtan Mixed-use Complex

Gross Floor Area
Sports Facility

Metapolis includes a land amounting to 29,000pyung (95,867.769m²) and a central theme park amounting to 5,900 pyung(19,504.132m²) in central Hwaseong Dongtan newtown. This Metapolis plan is to design a multifunctional complex having a wide range of facilities such as multi-purpose apartment complexes(1,200 units), a shopping mall, a department store, a big box retailer, a broadcasting station, offices, UEC, a cultural center, etc. This project is a supersized project to realize the vision of Hwaseong Dongtan newtown as “the core of a new town to follow the 21st century modern people's new lifestyle”. This plan is aimed at the development of self-contained city, the creation of newtown attractions, and the creation of urban space of a new concept. It sets an internal activation responding to a city block, as the concept of main layout plan. Accordingly, it is designed to arrange seven urban core functions along the street as urban anchors. These seven functions are intended to function as attraction factors. Besides, the plan includes a strategy to activate a theme park and to create an attraction by placing malls and mall anchors in the center. Furthermore, aimed at the realization of efficient integration of multi functions and multi activities, this plan is designed to achieve systematic spatial construction of street and plaza, and it is also designed to build up the mutual relationship between theme and function that Theme Court is connected through Natural Park to Digital Plaza.