Gujwa-eup, Jeju
B1, 3FL
Gross Floor Area
Public Facility

Cradle embracing the life in the nutmeg forest of thousand years
The green and future directional Environmental Disease Preventive Management Center healing the sufferred with environmental diseases in the nutmeg forest of thousand years was dreamed. Environmental Disease Preventive Management Center is the facility in which the preschool children sufferring with the environmental diseases (atopic dermatitis) is healed the dermatitis and rest comfortably with their parents. The concept is to express the symbolism of Aegigudeog, the traditional cradle in Jeju, embracing the nature, and to harmonize with the natural surroundings containing the natural environment of the nutmeg forest. The building, the outdoor nature study facility and the nutmeg forest are connected naturally with the moving lines through the parking lot, the building and the outdoor space by the construction at the place where is convenient to approach from the walk way to the nugmeg forest and the parking space. The arrangement of the buildings maximized to face south to be well sunlit adapting the site and reserving the existed forest. The streamlined layout in consideration of the seasonal wind directions can block the cold wind in the winter and make the wind blow well and ventilate naturally during the summer. By seprating the mass, the nature of the nutmeg forest was involved, and the Vista Point was made to look out the surrounding nature while let it be favorable to ventilate naturally. It is planned to separate the Healing Center, Education and Experience, and Business and Study space as the independent cluster, but connected organically by vertical moving lines, and to install the rooftop Healing Garden and the Integrated Healing Center to improve the convenience of the users and to maximize the healing effects. For the architecture, the Aegigudeog for healing in the nutmeg forest was embodied in motif of the Aegigudeog and the stone wall, and use the envionment-friendly wood louver while the basalt plate representing Jeju is applied to the lower part. In particular, it is planned to have the even natural light and the smooth natural ventilation and to secure the sight through the louver in consideration of the incidence angle of the sun and the sight view. The building of high sealing and of high performance is constructed to reduce the load of heating and cooling by blocking the heat leakage at the slab junction with the exterior insulation method and by reinforcing the function of exterior insulation applying the insulating materials of high performance and the triple Low-E glasses. The rain utilizing facility and the environment-friendly reusable materials are applied to reuse and reduce to use the resources. New regeneration energies are applied, such as solar heat, sunlight and wind power, to reduce energy for heating water and lighting, and also, the equipment of high performance is applied to realize a passive house.