Sejong City First Town

Gross Floor Area
Education & Research Facility

The “First Town” design was the winner of an international competition whose topic was “ecology and community.” Through ‘embracing’, the design mixes the artificial and existing vegetation for the life of both human and nature in the first residential development of Sejong City.

The most significant two key words of First Prime Village Project are 'ecology' and 'community'. We approached these two in the manner of 'embracing'. Man's attitude towards nature can be divided into two. One is instrumental rationalism, and the other is radical ecologism that man is only a virus of the earth. If nominal landscaping is the approach of the former, unconditional preservation is the approach of the latter. We have adopted the approach that artificial land and existing topographical vegetation embrace each other. As the horizon embraces submarine topography, The platform we have proposed embraces original ecology.