Haeundae I-PARK

Gross Floor Area

Haewoondae woodong Ipark is located beside the sea that has a view of Gwangan grand bridge, which is a major attraction in Busan. We should find out a methodology for a differentiated high-rise building in a row of super high-rise residence buildings extended from Suyeong bay to Woodong Haewoondae. Furthermore, we should escape from the uniformity of a building block type due to the limit of design language and find out a unconventional design to embody a yacht floating in the sea.
This will help enhance the image of Busan as a coastal city, and it will be a land mark having a strong contrast together with Gwangan grand bridge, a horizontal land mark crossing the sea - p278, [City By City].
<The Concept of Layout>
-Interpretation of the land : the layout of distinctive building blocks having a curved face.
-Response of urban street : the layout of offices, commercial facilities and sports facilities along the 21 meter road in the east.
-Harmony with the surrounding environment : the creation of openness by building a city park near an elementary school in the north.
<The Concept of Elevation>
-Expressing a fascinating beauty and dynamism of the ocean viewed from the land
-Setting waves, petals, sails, delicately curved temple-roof as motives
-Creating a variety of tapering elevations for formative construction
-Creating an interesting space between buildings through formative shaping
<The Concept of Outdoor space>
-Openness : securing a maximum open space inside the complex through natural curved faces of building blocks
-Activity : vitalizing an outdoor space through linear space in the complex
-New York : a green space connecting a city park, a public open space and a open space in the complex