Daechi-dong Dongbu Centreville

Gross Floor Area

Daechi-dong Centrevilles is located at the major transportation point where Nambu Circulation Road and Seonneung-ro cross each other, and with the Daemo Mountain and Yangjae Stream nearby, it has optimum natural environments as an apartment complex. Escaping from the existing plate-shape of re-constructed apartment, it was designed in tower type, and all households were placed southward with excellent lighting and view. By prohibiting the entry of cars on the ground, the comfortable and environment-friendly residential complex with much green space was created. By creating pocket parks between each building, the identity of each building was imposed and on the first floor of each building, pilotis and public resident facilities were provided to create the sense of openness to lower floors, and using the surrounding slope, some parts of junderground parking lot was treated with deck to make the natural lighting and ventilation possible. For floor plan of unit household, the concept of detached house garden was introduced by installing the greenhouse on the balcony, and the master zone was divided into living room, dress room, powder room, and bath room, suggesting deluxe and high-quality space. As the internal floor is higher than existing apartment by 10~20cm, the open space could be secured, and by adopting the double construction method(Erection of frameworks can be concurrently possible at the ground floor and underground floor), the reduction of construction period could be possible. The remote reading device was installed at every enytry space and touch-screen home-automation was adopted to allow the remote control from every household.