Busan KTX General Station

Gross Floor Area
Traffic Facility

The technologies of the 2000s are not the smoking chimney and oil-smelling turbine engine any more. The technology of today means the full use of the information and communication. The emphasis was placed on the fuller understanding of the nature in this modern society where the computers are boasting their powers. The site of about 2km length is located in the central part of Busan port, the border line of land and sea. So this building aimed for simple symmetrical elevation scheme using the eastern seashore and western mountains as its axis. The focus of this design is to establish individual, asymmetrical, and impressive elevation that is produced as the result. The shape of the station roof was created in bee-hive pattern so that it can be symbolic eye of Busan Port. For impressive night view of Busan Port, the color of this hive pattern roof was made to gradually change according to the change of time using polarized lighting facility, emphasizing the symbolism by inducing it to create subtle beauty.